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Hello, I’m Patty

developer / designer

one Trick Pony

I create for individuals, big & small companies. I design and develop applications, websites, wordpress blogs, presentations, videos and tutorials.

Web App Development

WordPress Blogs, HTML5, and React and NextJS development on any Node Stack. With emphasis on accessibility and 508 compliance.

UX Design

Detailed Product and Application Mockups for development, proof of concept and presentation


Engaging presentations and promotional videos to convey your brand, product or story without the death by PowerPoint

Sometimes I write About Design And DEvelopment

Mobile First

You hear this term a lot. But what does "mobile first" mean? Sure, you design your webpages so they incorporate mobile and small format versions into them. Then when you actually lay out the site in Dreamweaver or whatever, you add the @media tags to make the layout...

JavaScript SharePoint People Picker

Yes.. JavaScript SharePoint People Picker... try saying that 3 times fast. Anyway, I needed one for a form I was developing. It had to be client side, and it needed to work with SharePoint. In SharePoint 2013, there's already support for this:...

The Photoshop SDK Plugin Tutorial Fix

I downloaded the Photoshop SDK, which are currently free at the moment, to start creating my own plug-ins.The SDK comes with a convoluted tutorial, and it took me the better part of the evening to find the one that showed how to compile the provided source code into...