You’re here because someone told you I know something about web development. I’m very good at creating websites out of the digital ether, doing something about your site’s search ranking and getting rid of that 508 compliance headache.

I take on projects sparingly and look down on spam bots. Despite captcha I still had to purge 140 submissions last week from random get rich quick artists, Viagra adverts and Ethiopian heirs apparent. So I’m not going to give you an easy way to contact me.

What I will provide is what knowledge I can type out in a hopefully coherent manner, to help you avoid some of the issues I’ve run into with web development and any insights I have in whatever language I’m coding at the moment. If I feel discussion on a topic will be beneficial, I will leave a robot-killing form to submit questions or comments for discussion.


Mobile First

You hear this term a lot. But what does “mobile first” mean? Sure, you design your webpages so they incorporate mobile and small format versions into them. Then when you actually lay out the site in Dreamweaver or whatever, you add the @media tags to make the layout responsive. That’s part of the issue, but …

JavaScript SharePoint People Picker

Yes.. JavaScript SharePoint People Picker… try saying that 3 times fast. Anyway, I needed one for a form I was developing. It had to be client side, and it needed to work with SharePoint. In SharePoint 2013, there’s already support for this: But I need something for SharePoint 2010. I found several articles on …